Eucheuma, Water, Water Chestnut, Roselle, Bird's Nest


It is ready-to-drink and suitable for consumption by all ages and can be taken chilled or warm.


Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.


Eucheuma with Water Chestnut, Roselle and Bird’s Nest has tremendous health benefits. Water chestnuts are high in nutrients and low in calories and almost fatless. Phenolic and flavonoid present in water chestnuts possess abundant potential for antioxidant activity. Roselle is rich in anthocyanins (HAs) as well as protocatechuic acid which is a great antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent. Many studies affirm roselle’s traditional health benefits: anti-radiation, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, improving sleep quality, building blood and boosting immune system. Besides, it could help to prevent hypertension, better liver function index, reduce blood triglycerides, improve the toughness of capillaries, slow the hardening speed arteries, and inhibit cardiovascular disease.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Eucheuma could enhance Yang and strengthen kidney functions. It has antipyretic effect, and could clear away heat and naturally purify the body. It has outstanding effect on kidney deficiency and weak blood. Additionally, it could reduce the excitability of the respiratory center, so that human body tends to breathe quietly and prevent cough and asthma. Bird’s nest would nourish Yin and moisten lung. It could cure consumptive cough, hemoptysis, and hematemesis. It could also produce the Qi (vital energy) in lung, moisten the water in kidney, invigorate the Zhong in stomach, and tonify the spleen without heatiness. Water chestnut has benefits such as detoxification, producing saliva, embellishing dryness, reducing hear and dissolving sputum.